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Met Loved One Through WriteAPrisoner?

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Met Loved One Through WriteAPrisoner?


I was wondering if anybody has met their loved one through WriteAPrisoner? 

Would love to hear your stories and if you have any plans after they are released! 

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I met my soon to be husband on the site and I don't regret a second of it. I have got to know him on a level I have never known anyone before he really is the love of my life. we built a really good friendship first and he's still my best friend now, 

Anne Marie H
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Hey kellykelly - you still here girl? Are you married now? Was gonna be this spring right?

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Hi everyone, I met my loved one through write a prisoner...He's my absolute best friend, we've had this amazing connection from day one..he makes me so happy....we've had our disagreements and bad days but worked through them...Im from the uk he's incarerated in VA USA...Im hopefully going to visit him later this year. I would love to s[eak with other people with simliar experiences. Feel free to message me.


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Yes,  I met my love through this forum and she already got an invitation for joining a tv show by the producers of "love after lockup".

But she doesnt like this idea. She will be released next year and of course I will go to see her. What will come after that??? I dont know. The future is not ours....

Oh you want to listen to my story. Listen to the story of the German guy

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Hi Del7. How can I get in touch with you?

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I'm writing to my 3rd penpal from this site - the other two were successfully released, one last year and one four years ago - both doing well :)

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I met my girlfriend on write a prisoner and she going to halfway house in feb

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Hi! I'm new to all this and although I'm 36, I'm not great with technology so please bare with me! I have just started sending letters to someone through write a prisoner and just wondered if anybody has any tips or info regarding how long it should take for him to receive a letter from the UK that I posted first class today. Any help or suppsort with thus process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Danielle x