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which prison is your pp in? have u visited??

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which prison is your pp in? have u visited??

which prison is your pp in? have u visited your pp yet? how long do they have left to serve?

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which prison is your pp in? have u visited your pp yet? how long do they have left to serve?

Any particular reason that you want to know for? It would help people answer you better. There are folks here who write to inmates in various states and prisons, and their answers may not help you with your specific situation because the rules are procedures are different for each one.

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Hi sorry bout that..yea lancaster california

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You can find a lot of information on the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website (CDCR) so it may help you to start looking there if you are after visiting guidelines etc

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

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My mans in Chicago...Dixon, IL :)

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My Babe is @ Wallkill Correctional Facility, NY and gets out on May the 11th, 2014!!

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Otisville federal correctional facility, and due to fly to New York on October 11th! :D

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My man is in coleman fl...being released next month on sept 25th !Been visiting him every two weeks since feb.

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My friend is in Coleman Fl and is being released early next year! I haven't visited him yet but I have plans to visit with him in December and I also have a 2 week trip booked for after his release in 2014! :) I'm super exited! x

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Mine was in Suwannee CI Annex, where I visited him a year ago. He's moved to a different prison since.

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Recently I broke all ties to him cause what was said and sad that the kids are in the middle of it yet we agreed not to have them involved what him and I are going through but their missing him and their teachers were saying they gonna have to go through counseling if their behavior keeps going down 😭💔 HeartBroken💔😭

Sorry to hear that.


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Perryville, which is in Goodyear, Arizona.

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I have 3 pen pals I correspond with regularly (these are the ones from whom I have received more than one letter) and 2 more that I've received just one letter so far. They are in different states, and one is in a federal prison in West Virginia. I can't really remember where they are.

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Ok just going to go through my list of letters and pen pals because I can't remember them all off the top of my head.

Logan Correctional Center -- Lincoln, IL
West Tennessee State Prison -- Henning, TN
Secure Female Facility Hazelton -- Bruceton Mills, WV (federal prison)
South Dakota Women's Prison -- Pierre, SD
Florence McClure Women's Correctional Facility -- Las Vegas, NV
Fluvana Correctional Center for Women -- Troy, VA
Kentucky Correctional Center for Women -- Pewee Valley, KY

I didn't include 3 women whom I have only exchanged 1 letter with because it's hard to call them "pen pals" if they don't write.

I have only visited one of them, the one in Logan CC in Illinois. I am planning to visit her again next week if nothing goes wrong.

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Victorville Medium 2 FCI

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Passed November.... First and last time 💔

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After almost 9yrs 😭💔😭💔

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My man is in Fci Greenville

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I’ve got one in dixon (IL) and one in Avenal (CA) - but they’re friends, not lovers lol

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My love Steven is in sterling facility prison in Colorado, its been a 1 yr.

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Zachery is a seasoned professional nice;)

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he's in Carroll Montgomery, Mississipi

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My love is at the Ohio State Penitentiary, and he's a lifer without parole. 

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My love is in Texas and he’s doing life without parole not seen him in this prison I’m going in July but I have been to visit before 

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@aiis2 what happened? 

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My bf's in TX and has two more years left. Visited him for the first time in Dec 2018 (non-contact) and seeing him this April (hopefully a contact one but not banking it).

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He is in Colorado i go visit in may ;)

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He is in Colorado i go visit in may ;)

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I penpal with several women in the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

but only one of them has my heart, she has 12 years left. I have no visited her yet, it's rather difficult being so far away.

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Coleman II in Florida. 

Not yet. 

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FCI Waseca.

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Not my lover, but he was transferred to Kern Valley State Prison in California. I'm in London and my Visitation request finally got accepted last month so I'll be visiting him next time I'm in Cali (hopefully Fall this year). He's locked up for a longgg time :(

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My girl is in KCIW, Kentucky and I'm in the UK. I got to visit her for 2 whole days in February this year. It was so worth it! I just wish they would have allowed photos, as they used to do this using an official prison photographer. It is little things like that which help connection with family, friends and the outside world.


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Next time you go PeteMo. Ask well in advance if they could do some photos at visit.
I did this when I visited my pen friend in Colorado and we have 3 photos.

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Mateo - I have a pen friend in Kern.
Other penfriend are at Pickaway
Richard Hanlon
Walla Walla
Polunsky unit
Eagle Pass
NCI Gardner
Only one I visited was the one at CTCF but he was in Fremont at the time.
The only difficulties I have ever encountered have been at Alabama - Holman the St Clair. Awful state of affairs there. Wish I had visited him, that'll be a regret.

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Where in Colorado? Xx

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Arizona eyman / cook

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He got transferred to CPS in canon City Colorado prison. So its been 2yrs now and we are seriously in love and marriage I plan on seeing him this yr soon. I'm in Scottsdale az taking bus, so I'm trying to make arrangements not easy lol.

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Does anyone know what DENVER RECEPTION AND DIAGNOSTIC CENTER ,my fiance transferred from CSP, to sterling prison ,then to Denver. He trying to go to PC,

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Mine is at Snake River CI in Oregon. Once international flights are open again I'm planning on visiting him for the first time. He has 10-12 years to go... 

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My guy is serving LWOP at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center. I'm in Canada and haven't been able to see him because of Covid. Hopefully I will be able to drive down soon for a visit.


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My love Christopher is also in Colorado

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My Christopher's been to Sterling that's where he started now he's in bent County Colorado in Mesa County

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Hey nostalgic, mine is also at snake river and I’m in uk....Have you sorted being on his visiting list? Is it hard to get approved? I’m dying to get over there!! 

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Utah -- he was in Draper and now is in a county facility.  My PP has a year or less left until he gets out.  Havent been able to visit either in person or remote.  

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My Steven Colorado Penitentiary State always on lockdown

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I met him in its been 3yrs now getting married and might go to halfway home this year or next year I think October

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Hubby in san quentin

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My boyfriend is in Massachussets 

I visit him in Nov.