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Please Help! Global Tel Link!!! account Europe/Italy

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Rory Rath
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One issue that GTL account holders have faced is that their accounts have been frozen without any warning or explanation. GTL has provided no clear explanation as to why this is happening, leaving GTL account holders feeling frustrated and helpless. I have decided to view website to learn things quickly to resolve my issues as soon as possible.

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thank You for the answer my Dear Gipsy. I am little lost on this page. just right now I was able to connect with them -customer service, i realize of course difference of time. And so, none of it did not work out :-((((((. Because of my English. Dude was talking so fast, and he gave me an e mail, dictated to me as a child. And I still do not understood. What a shame:(((( He upset cuz i do not understand him, then I got angry cuz he not understand me. And this was our conversation. Hopelessness. Makes me wanna cry!!!!!!!!! My dear friend....please Can you tell me, step by step, how you've made it? Via e mail? With your credit card? I'm ready. Written English is brighter for me. For the present day. please. and sorry.... that i am not polyglot ;-) blesss

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Hi Lucy and welcome!

I have a GTL account but I can't remember if I had any issues setting it up. But I remember emailing them due to an issue with my credit card and I think they replied within a few hours.
When have you tried to call them? Did you make sure it was during their working hours?

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Please Help! Global Tel Link!!! account Europe/Italy

Hello everyone. My name is Lucy, and I am from Italy. I'm new here, and unfortunately my English is in poor condition :-( Anyway, I really need Your help Guys!!!! From few days, I trying to add my mobile number to Connect Network Global Tel Link. I have created an account. But the next step is to add my phone number. And here I have a problem. To be filled my number: my Italian 10-digit number does not fit :-((( fit in only 8 digits. Same problem with Country code: to Italy is 0039, or +39, and both i can not add...too long....only 3 digits. I called customer service in US. Unanswered :-((((((( please Friend, help me! I really need to connect with my Pen Pal Friend. Bless....and thanks!

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