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Prison calls

Hey guys just wondering if there's anyone from the UK that could help me with getting a US number to have actual phone calls I have no idea what I'm doing any help would be greatly appreciated!

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 hi danielle im the same with the calls. ive registered my number with connect network but when he tries to call me he says it doesnt work. he was saying somwthing about his buddy uses skype to call his girl but ive had a look and iv eno clue either aaarrggghh sooo frustrating xx


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Hi there! I've actually downloaded an app call talkatone but then they have to call through Securus but when I've gone to check his facility isn't even on there and neither is his ID number it's really frustrating.. Maybe because he's on restrictions? Anyway I hope the talkatone works for you let me know! Also how do change you're phone number on the connect network? Oh and thanks for the reply :) xx

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Hey I’m from uk too and I talk to my friend in Michigan, I got a US number from an app called Flyp and then set up a phone account with Connect Network, works fine x

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