Many inmates need housing when they come home. If you would be willing to help someone locate a residence upon exiting prison, please visit Inmate Housing Profiles.

Hello there!

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Jesse Jimenez
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Hello there!

I know that im not in the best of positions but let me eclipse that with my honesty and integrity, Bad decisions cant be undone; only redeemed, that is why i strive to be better: Mentally, physically, and spiritually. Im currently 4 classes short from obtaining my Associates Degree in applied science and pursuing my B.A soon after. Im trying to capture the universe because how cab the sky be tye limit when they're boot prints on the moon. Im an out going ,open minded,kind hearted individual who loves to laugh and have fun.Im passionate about working out and creating new H.I.I.T exercise routines using your body weight ina combination of moves to create a Circuit.Physical training is not a hoby for me:its a lifestyle. Im hopeing to make new friends and write people from all walks of life, i believe everyone has a story to tell and i would like to hear gours and tell mine as well. We can write on a deep level or varely scratch the surface,its up to you just know that i will always respond from an understandable perspective and never judgmental so write openly. For anyone who is going through something I just want you to know that you are strong and resilient and toy will get through it just have faith.Im here because i aspire to inspire:
Ps: please include your address when writing via Jpay.Thank you or taking the time to read this i hope to hear from you.

Jesse Jimenez
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This is for my brother whos in prison ,i hope some of you can take the time to write him and become friends with him,God bless yall !

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You posted this 71 times... wow. I’m sorry for your brother, but just so you know for future references, you have to post more info on him for people to be able to write him. 

Bread with crust
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I was just about to say, dude, you posted this like 1000 times, LOL. I know it's because of the site's delay, though. But hey, you made sure you got him some exposure, didn't you!