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Looking for pen pals

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Looking for pen pals


How are you beautiful people doing? My name is Deshawn Mitchell but my Friends call me Shawn. I have a three year old son, I always been in his life before I got arrested. I’m learning to be a better man when I come home this time. I’m currently taking school classes so I can get a career. Ima make music and write poems on my spare time, also work out five times a week. I’m looking for friends I can talk to and get to know I hope all positive vibes. I’m trying to surround myself with people that want something in life. I like making people laugh, love to pu smiles on people faces that’s just me! I’m locked up for drugs and guns I have a few years left. I’m trying to stay out of trouble so I can come home sooner. I do have family support that’s has always been there for me but I would like some friends, a lot of friends turned they back on me threw different situations like this. If you like to see more pics of me you can go to my Facebook it’s Monsta Man. Ima fun person that love to travel and have a good time. Now I  just waiting on you to hit me up


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I'M  LOOKING FOR A PEN PAL. Check out my profile on under blogs in Arizona.  I'm looking for a friend to email and pass the time with. My name is David.