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Looking for Penpals

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Looking for Penpals

My name is Lance Taylor, I’m in Huntsville Prison. I’m looking for Penpals to discuss non-prison topics

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Hi Lance Taylor, I'm Velia from Edinburg Texas. Im a single mom could probably share with you some stories. Haha

laura may
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Hello to you Lance. I am not quite sure how to begin my letter, so sharing this has served that purpose. I am a born and bred New York City gal, who has (almost) three months ago packed two suitcases and moved to the beach in Canoa, Ecuador. Every nite between 5-7pm, the sunsets. I sit out on the veranda, kind of.in disbelief that I really made such a bold change.
If you care to, i would enjoy spending some time with you. Can you write online? I am hoping so. Where.I live, there are no street addresses. Though eventually I could find a post office and get a box. When I say find, it is because this.is a very remote area. If you do not have internet access, you can mail your letter to: laura may
c/o samia macias loor, malecon leonidas plaza y calle paquisha, 113112 San Vicente, Ecuador. Well, now you have it. I've yet to receive mail here, other than UPS. So I shall.keep.my fingers crossed. By the way, just shot the photo in my mirrored beach facing doors. Not sure how it will come out. But you will see a little of.me, and the beach/sea behind. Bye for now. Warmly, laura may

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That sounds like a great place to retire! How’s the cost of living down there? 

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Hello my name is Oscar Ramirez,Im 31 years old Im looking for penpals to write to me Im looking postive people.My address is Oscar Ramirez #02030951,Wallace Unit 1675 FM 3525,Colorado City ,Texas 79512

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I’m in the UK, Lancashire, just registered and hoping to find someone to chat with about...everything  get in touch x



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hey, im also new here from london looking to write with someone :) 

Jennifer Fuqua
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Hello I am in Federal prison for 7 years .I am looking for someone to be a pen pale on the outside