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Ahh another impatient barber I see :snicker:

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HI everyone :) another newbie. I've been a lurker for a very long time and already feel like I know some of you old timers lol...I actually joined about 2 weeks ago but took me the longest time to work out how to activate my account!
Anyway, recently sent off 2 letters and am eagerly awaiting as I'm sure everyone is when it's their first time. I hope to be an active member of this little community and see where this all takes me. Apologies in advance for any silly questions lol :)

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:woohoo: Hello. I am SO new to all of this so please be patient with me. I am learning about how to communicate with my loved one, via the internet. He told me about I am hoping it will be a nicer way to get longer messaging and pictures sent so he can have it all on his MP3 player. I just joined here today so I can read about experiences and get all the useful info I can. Plus I am sure, there will be a day when I will need a friendly place to turn to for support. :)

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A little about me.....I am very new to this. I am 55, and am in love with a 53 year old inmate. We are getting married October 23. He is amazing. His early release date is 12/2018. I guess what I am facing now is the reality of how others are viewing me ( us) I am not one to be a push over, and have always been independent. Raised my 3 sons alone, they are successful and married on their own. But now, when I decided to reach out to inmates last Christmas and just become pen pals, I have met 2 amazing men. The first one and I only were pen pals. Nothing sexual at all in our content. Just taling about life, he sent me art work he drew for me, and I made sure he got letters and cards regularly. He introduced me to one of his friends there, and now I am engaged to him. I only have 1 brother who is married and lives in the same area as I, my parents are passed and I have a few close friends that I call family. Plus, of course my 6 grand children. He and I support eachother in this effort, we budget to be sure we can talk at least twice a day and I message him 4 times a day. Plus vid chats. I will be going to see him at least once a month, he is only 4.5 hours from me. So, I am here hoping to feel less alone in my world :)

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So instead of starting a new post just to introduce myself I thought I would just pop a quick 'Hi' here on the sticky. :D

I live in the U.K (but I was born in South Africa and I've lived in Asia as well) and although I've thought about writing someone in prison before I only just did so this past week. I thought 'hey, what have I got to lose!?'

So nice to meet you all, I hope to speak to lots of you in the forum soon.

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Hello everyone, just a quick note to say Hi and assume the newbie hat. Just started writing this past weekend and received two letters back already, so very exciting!

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Thanks! I was too. I'm cautious but hopeful.

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So I want to say hi too. My name is Inga and I'm from Germany. But I also already lived in Canada. So I have a few pen-pals in prison.

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Hello there!

Not entirely new here.I used to be a member like 4 years ago but now new account since I forgot my old one. I'm Makis from Greece 28 years old and I just send a jpay mail to a what seems to be lovely woman. Fingers crossed I hear back from her soon! I used to have a snail mail penpal and one corrlinks pen pal. From what I remember corrlinks was free for us right? I was surprised to see I had to pay for stamps on jpay but anyway I bought 10 for 4.50 or something no biggie!

Cheers you lovely pen-pals

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I am a 35 year old white, gay male living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I've never excelled at reading or writing, but I figure this is good practice and I like that the end result could leave a positive impression in someone's life (I read an article about a journalist writing a prisoner and was inspired). I have more practice drawing than writing, but I like mixing the two. I've written to 4 inmates - two letters were not formatted to the standards of the facility and were sent back to me - one inmate got parole (great news and I wanted to congratulate him really badly and I wish the best for him) - the last inmate wrote back and made fun of me for including the wrong correctional facility name in his letter (I felt pretty stupid, but it's still funny I guess)

Alma Jønsson
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I'm 39 and from Denmark. 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 rabbit and uncounted numbers of fish 😁

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I am a 36 year old white male, living in Indianapolis, IN. Recently took up the hobby of writing to prisoners. I've been fascinated with life behind bars for many years. I recently got the inspiration to start writing inmates after listening to a David Sedaris book. Somewhere in there someone mentions that people don't write letters any more. I like snail mail, and miss written letters, but free people usually won't use it. So I thought I'd write to someone in prison, and hope that I can brighten someone's day. Wrote to 3 inmates, got a response from 1 so far.

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Don't overthink it. You can basically just shoot the breeze with a person in prison. Try not to get hung up on the idea that this is a prisoner. Think of it more like just a stranger you are trying to get to know. In your initial letter, just say some stuff about who you are and why you are writing. After the introductions you can just sort of chat the way you might with a friend. Talk about your day, ask how his day was, share interesting anecdotes, jokes, etc.

Of course, your pen pal's incarceration is sort of "the elephant in the room" and you don't want to pretend like it's not a reality. So you don't want to say dumb stuff that makes no sense in the context of their confinement. Like "hey did you go to any fun holiday parties?" I find that the prisoner is eager to talk to a friendly and listening ear and volunteers a lot of information. You can build responses off that.

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Hey everyone!

I am 21 years old girl, studying business in uni and dealing with all kind of different projects. I wrote my first letter to prisoner about 3 months ago. For now we have a great friendship and we change letters 3-4 times per month, while he can send only 'snail mail' and i use Jpay to reach him faster. I don't have much free time so that's why I chose to write only to one person, and it seems for me that I made perfect choice haha.
My friend has life sentence with possibility of parole, so I hope one day we will see in outside world aswell. I'm planning to visit him and his family aswell but it's gonna happen probably not earlier than in 2-3 years.

My suggestion to LucyL would be also to tell prisoner that you don't want relationship. If he's normal human being then he can understand it really well. And you can also ask him, if there is any topics he rather wouldn't talk about. Then it is much easier for you and you don't have to think what not to write.

Good luck for everyone!

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Hi everyone:)
Have just sent my first letter off so I’m very new to this :)
I’m a 44 yr old single woman living in UK and decided to do this as I am disabled with M.E leaving me feeling trapped within my own walls. This got me thinking about writing to an inmate as the empathy for the isolation is there and since I am unable to work at the moment I have extra time!
I chose the first person I wrote to carefully as I don’t want a relationship so I don’t want to start off with someone hoping for more... a lot of pen pals seem to be looking for that? I just want to (hopefully!) lighten someone’s day, make them laugh a little and be different. Ife never been to the U.S, and our justice system is VERY different over here! Maybe I will learn from them, and them from me.
What kind of things do you find to write to them about? What are the big no no subjects and is there any advice you can offer me? The friends I briefly discussed this with all think I’m mad!
Thanks ever so :) xx

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Hello everyone! I?m Samantha and I?m 26 years old. I am originally from Illinois but moved to Arizona when I was 19 to attend school. Had every intention of moving back to Illinois once I graduated but I am more okay with shoveling sunshine instead of snow so here I am! I?m single, no children. I work at a real estate company in the operations department. If I?m not working or hanging out with friends I?m at home with my Husky. She?s my life! I am new to WAP and just sent a letter to my first PP. Now the waiting game for his reply. :77smile:

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Hi everyone. I'm Charlotte and am 49 years old. I am in sunny Southern California and havent lived anywhere else. Im a single mom of a 25 year old son and soon will have a daughter in law. I work as a nurse for a hospice agency. If I'm not working im usually hanging with my friends who have a classic rock band and am usually at their gigs. When not there, you will find me hanging out with family. I am new to WAP and am nervous at having sent my first letter to my first PP. Im hoping he writes back because I would really like to get to know him. His profile just really spoke to me. Lets hope it happens. ;)

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hello I’m paula and I live in Liverpool United Kingdom
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Hi everyone. I am looking for a penpal for my niece. I'm skeptical of creating a profile for her because it can look bad for them in some instances. My niece is gorgeous, half French Canadian and half Dominican. She is 36 years old. The sweetest, most resilient, person I've ever known. I love her dearly and I'm sure anyone who meets her will share my sentiments. If interested please contact me via email and I will send you her info. My name is Amy my email address is amylang008 [at] gmail [dot] com


Hello, I am Tanya in the uk and have also just written my first email. This is all completely new to me anyway pleasure to connect with you all xxx

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I'm Heidi, i just signed up for this site tonight. I currently have a pen-pal with a Soldier over seas and I was wondering how I could help others with passing the time, and I felt that this would be a good fit. I am 23 live in freeport, IL. I have a degree in baking and pastry arts. I currently am employed at a local winery. I'm going to find a few profiles on here to start talking to! I love the fact there is a community of people who do This!

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My name is AJ, I'm getting to help my bud Randy find a pen pal. He's currently locked up, he is supposed to be home next June. I'm not quite sure how this site works. Hopefully I'm able tho find him someone to talk to.

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Hi. I'm in contact with Steven mccranie at the sterling facility prison in Colorado. We develop a relationship and now I plan I visiting him as soon as he gets transfer to a different unit, he is in max, we talk almost everyday, and write, we have exchange photos,

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[quote]My name is AJ, I'm getting to help my bud Randy find a pen pal. He's currently locked up, he is supposed to be home next June. I'm not quite sure how this site works. Hopefully I'm able tho find him someone to talk to.[/quote]


Go here and you can list an ad for an inmate



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Hi there I'm looking pen pal as well for my brother who is currently in correctional reception Center 11271 state road orient oh 43146 inmate # A747711 , his name is Zachary tackett , he is 29 yrs old, serving a short temp period. If you think your niece would be interested in writing with him let me know you can email me at prestonsmom275 [at] gmail [dot] com

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Looking for positive people to connect with on a daily basis.

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meche [dot] 504 [at] gmail [dot] com

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Hi all,
I am Mike and I live in the South of the UK. I found this site by accident whilst searching for something else online.

I thought it was such a great idea, so I signed up and sent an initial 2500 character message to an inmate.

Whether they reply or not doesn't matter, but would be cool. I am happy to think that my message brightened their day at least.

Hopefully I will be more active on the forum when I get time :)

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Hi there everyone, my name is LJ and I am new here. I would just like some pointers on how I would best communicate with members of this website on the other side. Can inmates email you back? I have sent out 4 with no reply :( any help would be appreciated!

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Hi, I am kinda new at this and would like to connect with others on this site. can you help?

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Inmates cannot email back unless you use Jpay or Corrlinks. When you email via writeaprisoner, they will print off your email and send it to the inmate via snail mail. They do this twice a month, 4th and 20th from the top of my head. The inmate will then snail mail you. 

Hope this helps :)

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Hi all From Australia looking for pen pal...this is a all new to me. Thanks.

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Hi all From Australia looking for pen pal...this is a all new to me. Thanks.

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I found this site while searching for something I saw on forensic files. I don’t know why I haven’t researched this before now. My cousin was in prison several years ago, and we wrote back and forth. I’ve watched enough lock up shows to see how getting mail can really brighten a prisoner’s day. I’d like to make someone who has nothing or no one feel like they are not alone. I’m a social worker and am compassionate by nature. I also enjoy snail mail. 

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Hi,i am faithvfeom malawi,central africa.i hope i can meet and talk to anyone on here

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I met Steven Mccranie thru this website going on 3yrs and he is now my fiance. Didn't expect that to happen just wanted to be friends

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Awe that's nice. I never thought I would meet a man and get married either but I did as well and he is getting our in January. 

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Hi! My name is Tania. I'm a 29 year old chef. Haven't written to any PP yet as I'm not sure how it all is. So I'm still in the researching and learning phase.


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Hi! My name is Tania. I'm a 29 year old chef. Haven't written to any PP yet as I'm not sure how it all is. So I'm still in the researching and learning phase.


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(Hello world! i would like to introduce myself my name is Demond not Demon DOC has my name spelled incorrect lol but a little about me im currently stuck here in Lewis State Prison in Buckeye Arizona im 27 years old im from Los Angeles California bad decision and ill circumstances landed me in here im not perfect but its something im working on i dont have much time left to do in here tho Im on here looking for someone to keep me company someone with good convo that will spark my interest and maybe i'll spark yours im a cool person good conversationlist better listener with some time on my hands if you are interested in becoming a friend and getting to know one another you should tapp in we can correspond through mail or in real time through tablet so get at me whenever )

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Hey y'all's my name is Miraxle

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hello my name is Romailda Aka Malda I'm a lady and I'm 34 year old Gemini with 2 daughters 10 and 15! I'm currently in Nebraska I work 2 jobs Overnights because Covid yay Not! I also do hair I'm Hispanic and European thanks to 23 and me  I'm pretty boring girl down to earth was in 2 serious relationships,, not sure what I want but a friend would be nice