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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Petra Swiss Miss
Petra Swiss Miss

Please take note that from July 21st 2022 all non-legal mail has to be sent to Las Vegas.…

The correct zip code is 89193

(some pages, like Pigeonly, still have the wrong one listed)


Greetings from Switzerland



Petra Swiss Miss
Petra Swiss Miss

And again :o)

Starting July 21st 2022

Petra Swiss Miss
Petra Swiss Miss

Starting next week:

New mail process.

Effective July 21st 2022

Petra Swiss Miss
Petra Swiss Miss


REMINDER, new mail process. Starting July 21st 2022


Incarcerated Individual Name - Offender ID Number
Facility Name - Facility ID Number (See below)
PO Box 96777
Las Vegas, NV  89193


Please Note:  Any non-legal mail sent directly to an IDOC facility following the July 21st effective date will be forwarded for processing. This service will be offered for a period of 30 days.  

This mail processing facility will be operated by Pigeonly Corrections. They will open all non-legal mail and scan it into a digital color copy. The digital copy will be printed and delivered to the appropriate Iowa DOC facility. Originals will not be returned to the sender, but will be temporarily stored then securely destroyed, per Iowa DOC’s policies.

Each IDOC facility has been assigned an individual mailing code.  When writing an incarcerated individual, be sure to reference the mailing code listed below to ensure your non-legal mail is received by the correct facility.  


Anamosa State Penitentiary (ASP) - 1106
Clarinda Correctional Facility (CCF) - 1107
Fort Dodge Correctional Facility (FDCF) - 1114
Iowa Correctional Institution for Women (ICIW) - 1109
Iowa Medical and Classification Center (IMCC) - 1108
Iowa State Penitentiary (ISP) - 1110 
Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility (MPCF) - 1113
Newton Correctional Facility (NCF) - 1111
North Central Correctional Facility (NCCF) - 1112


If you're writing for the first time, please take into consideration it could take even longer for a response. (Till this system is working properly)

Happy writing.