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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


I received a letter from an inmate at first I was able to email him now it's saying print letter am from the uk is there anyway I can contact him thought the uk ? And can I use uk stampes? 
or how can I email him. Thanks 

Petra Swiss Miss

Gone Girl...

Petra Swiss Miss

Hu, were went your other post?

Well, stick with the upper left corenr for your address.

Petra Swiss Miss

Hi Janielee91

Welcome to a wonderful journey. Don't panic and carry on writing ;o)

There is a marvelous place called the post office. Write your letter, put it in an envelope (make sure all the requirements are meet) and bring it to the post office. They'll know what the postage is.
I haven't got a clue about the Royal Mail. Switzerlands postage depends on weight, size and destionation. But have a look here, they even allow you to print your own stamps:

Regarding the rules of incoming mail at a facility: every State and mostly every Facility have their own regulations. Check the Departemnt of Correction website of the State your pp is located at.

Important: your address, as well as your pps, have to be on both the envelope and the first page of the letter.

Best of luck

Petra Swiss Miss

Hi Coco

Welcome to the forum and good on you for giving this a go :o)

Well, I guess you mean the email forward option, here on WAP. That is for INITIAL CONTACT only. Now you have to send the letters by yourself. You can type one here and print it. That way the system puts both addresse, the pps and yours, on it and it gets saved in your account. You can also type a letter on your computer or handwrite it.

Make sure the addresses are complete (+ inmate #) and on both the first page of the letter, as well as the envelope.
Keep it simple: black or blue ink on white paper/collegeblock. Stamps are not a problem. Well, they are. lol But not for postage ;o) Lots of facilities don't deliver the envelopes or make a copy. That's due to safetyreasons (drugs). Best check on the DOC (department of correction) website of the State your pp is located at. Look for something called Mail Policy or something similar. There you should find the details on what is allowed and what not.
A few States are not processing mail anymore. They hire out of State companies to scann and photocopy everything.

For emails (or rather instiutional email) you have to look what provider they use at the facility, if they do. Like JPay, CorrLinks, etc. Some work only one way: you to them. Meaning your pp has to send snail mail back at you. Costs varry and some providers are a nightmare for foreigners.

Best wishes