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Pre-Law Student looking to help

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Pre-Law Student looking to help

Hello, In recent light of the novel virus of COVID-19 I have had an extensive amount of time to be able to research on the injustice that our jurisprudence garners. The framework of our civil liberties tells us that we are to have a fair, and speedy trial by our peers. However, it is our very own peers and legal system that fails time and time again. It is for that reason, that I am dedicating myself for 30 days until school resumes that I will listen anyone that desires to be heard. Although I am not a lawyer, I can promise you that I will be dedicated to hearing more about the realities that you face--so when I do have the opportunity to advocate before a jury, that those same mistakes are perliforated. 

I wish that I could offer pro bono work, but at best I can listen and advocate for you in the legal world. 







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I wish I would have seen this before today. I sure could use someone to just take a look at my case. Smith v. Rawson 1:19-cv-00053-DCN. If you don't mind going a few days passed your 30 day mark let me know. Thanks.

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My cousin has 99 years for sexual assualt and they never did any DNA testing they took DNA from both parties but never sent it to the lab his lawyer was working with the DA. Its sad they keep loosing all his motions when he tries to file its been 13 years we are in Texas does anyone know any good lawyers that will or can help.

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Hi Diana , I know this post is fairly dated now I am from Australia and I am seeking some advice or anything really to point me in the right direction in helping my incarcerated loved one who is locked up in Nebraska 



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Hi Diana I wish you all the best in your career. I live in Australia and a number of well known lawyers give up there time a few evenings a week to advise and assist with all types of legal issues . I've actually benefited from this service as I couldn't afford legal counsel so I represented myself with the advice and information . I won a minor driving change thanks to the assistance by genuine defenders who really want to help people with or without money

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Diana, if you're pre-law, it means you're a college student not yet even going to law school, and it is legally forbidden for you to offer legal advice or portray yourself as qualfied to give legal guidance--not to mention to charge people for your "legal" services..  No one who has not passed a bar exam is qualified to offer any kind of legal advice.  You can get into serious trouble this way, as could anyone who follows your "legal advice."  If you WERE a lawyer, you would know this.

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Hi Diana, It's getting really close to the end of April here, so it may be cutting it close, but I just saw this. Do you have about an hour of time so I can ask some questions about Nowak and Fetzer in regard to calculating parole and also about what to do if we believe that there was a violation of civil rights during the trial and sentencing? It happened a while ago (2010) but I am almost certain that something underhanded went on as the person my friend assaulted was a big deal lawyer in Denver and he was tried in Denver, given no plea options and was sentenced four years longer then the max sentence for that crime. I am out of my depth with law, but I am smart and with a little info and direction I may be able to do something.