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Looking for a pen pal

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Christopher Norris
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Looking for a pen pal

Hey, My Name is Chris, I'm 5"8 Tall 175 pounds. I grew up on the Eastside of Detroit. I've been incarcerated now going on ten years with just twenty six months left. Since day one I've been working on elevating in every aspect, (mentally, spiritually, physically etc.) I'm currently challenging myself at trying to recieve an Associate Degree in Business Administration before my release date. I'm a Student at Jackson College. I'll be starting my second semester next month.
A lil bit about myself, I'm a car guy I love cars from old school classics to new sport cars. I'm also a outdoors guy, if I had to pick something fun to do more than likely its going to be some type of outdoor activity rather its ATV'n or paintball shooting. I'm even down for some of the activities I haven't had a chance to do yet (skiing, hiking.)
This pen pal thing is new to me, its a first. I was always reluctant to it at first, I had my reasons. But I'm wiser and think a lot different than I used to. I know now that you can meet good people anywhere. So I'm hoping to meet a down to earth women I can converse with. The best way to contact me is through or using the Jpay App using my name Christopher Norris and inmate number 475818.