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sending cash?

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sending cash?

Hi, ive written my first letter to a prisoner, just waiting until i get paid to send it. It says that sending cash is not reccomended. Im really keen for my pen pal to write back so intend on sending 5$, so that he can writer back to me. As i dont know what his money situation is like. If i put the 5$ in with the envelope, will it be intercepted? I was thinking not, as it only says sending cash is "not reccomended". It doesnt state anywhere "not permitted" etc etc. just looking for some guidance on this. Thanks.

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You don't want to do that. A) It sets a bad precedent if you're just starting out, and B) Even if it isn't rejected (which it definitely will be), physical cash is pointless in prison. One needs money on their "books" instead to purchase anything legally, like stamps, envelopes, etc. Just keep it simple with letters.

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You can't send cash. If someone has an ad, then they should be able to send a letter back to you. Don't offer. 

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