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Question FCI Butner Medium II

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Question FCI Butner Medium II

Is there anyone with a friend in Butner Medium II, willing to ask whether they have recently seen my friend? He is still there according to the inmate locator, but has gone MIA and that's not like him at all. I am worried.
My friend is black, not a gang member, talks to everyone who approaches him with respect, so no risk involved. Anyone who thinks their friend would be willing to find out, please send me a PM. It would be very much appreciated.

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I don't have a pen pal at FCI Butner, but there could be a number of reasons you haven't heard from your pen pal. First of all, how long has it been since his last contact with you?

Some reasons he may be MIA:

-Depression. Sometimes inmates get depressed and drop off for a bit.

-No money. I don't know his financial status, but it's possible he has no money to purchase writing materials or CorrLinks minutes.

-Health Issue. He may be ill.

-Prison Lockdown. If there was some manner of chaos, or even an outbreak of a contagious disease, the prison will go on lockdown. Sometimes this includes no mail call for inmates or outgoing mail. During this time, mail may be sitting in standby-mode in the mail room until permitted to be distributed.

-Disciplinary Action. This happened with one of my pen pals in late November (my pal is also in a FCI). My pen pal is also a guy who is friendly, respectful, and obeys the corrections staff. However, trouble came his way in the form of another inmate, and he determined that the only way to keep other inmates from preying upon him was to beat that inmate senseless in a fight. So my pen pal ended up in the hole, where he still sits. In the hole, he has no access to CorrLinks- I reckon the same is for your pal's prison, so it will take a while for a snail mail to reach you since you are in NL. Also, when they initially get sent to the hole, the guards confiscate all their property, then return a small number of things to them over a span of weeks- this might include personal mail and an address book, so if he is in the hole, he might not have your address at the moment to send you a letter.

Maybe send a "Thinking of You" card to your pal via snail mail, to let him know you are concerned as to why he's gone radio silent? Hopefully this info is of some explanation, and I hope even more that your pal resurfaces.