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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


Hi all, so this week I got a letter from an inmate in NC, I was pretty surprised because I wrote him a loooooong time ago and didn't even remember who it was when I saw the name now lol
However, he asked me [B]how many stamps[/B] he needed to send a letter to me to Germany. I tried to google it but I can't find an answer since it is all about how much a letter weighs, I don't know how much he writes every time and how much his letter weighs?! And I don't even know if they weigh the letters in prison or where ever. Can someone help me please? :)


It is about (ongeveer) between1.70 /2.40 euro, i write like 4/6 A4 papieren.

Greetszz your west neighbour


Thanks a lot for the quick replies!! :)
I am glad you helped me with that so now I know what to tell him about this!

@gooddog oh thanks I am doing good so far... Yeah I really was surprised that I hear from that one, it took a long time until he heard from me obviously. And it also took almost a month until I received his letter! There's a stamp on the envelope from February 1st! :D However, it's nice that I've got another correspondance and I hope that it won't turn out like the last thing.

@SeaCaptDon Thanks for the link. It's kind of scary that they don't really seal the envelopes sometimes. I hope the mail doesn't get lost on its way to you.


All postal rates for sending from the USA can be found on USPS - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service). Look under "Calculate international postage". It depends upon the institution, some put postage on using a postage meter and they would probably weigh anything that they suspected of being over weight, but the majority just take the envelopes that the inmates put stamps on and unless they are obviously overweight just take a quick look inside and seal them and stick them in the outgoing mail box. In most institutions, inmates are not allowed to seal any mail that is not going to a court or attorney or the press. In fact I often receive letters that the envelope flap is just stuck inside and not sealed at all... but there are notices rubber stamped all over the outside of the envelope that the mail originated at a correctional facility.


Franconia I was wondering how you were doing since that last thing that you wrote about. Glad you found someone else to write to.


It depends on the weight of the letter. The minimum amount is $0,98 for a postcard or letter of one or two pages (usually weighs less than 1 ounce).
After that:
2 ounces (which is about 8 sheets of paper) = $1.82
3 ounces = $2.66
3.5 ounces = $3.50
I hope this helps!