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Who has a Ohio penpal? Hello.

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Who has a Ohio penpal? Hello.

I realise their is very little interaction on this website. But I am wondering if I can ping some interest in the Ohio State forum. Purely because I have a penpal from there.
I am currently writing to a chap in Ohio. So far mainly by Jpay messages, (there's an app for that). He is currently serving a Life sentence. Very open about his life and he is extremely easy to interact with.
I have sent books via Amazon.Com (please note I am from Scotland so when purchasing I use the USA website and have enabled the currency converter which means my bank doesn't charge my account for a foreign transaction - thought that might be a handy titbit for other international penpals). I tend only to send a book now and then, mainly at birthdays and Christmas. Anyone willing to share a favourite Sci fi author? I know Neil Gaiman of American Gods/Stardust is one but this is a genre I am not overly familiar with and of course HG Wells for his Time Machine and War of the Worlds.
So far I haven't found Ohio Doc difficult to deal with.....

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My husband is a lifer in the State of Ohio. Which prison is your pen-pal incarcerated in?

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Pickaway :)

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My guy is at the Ohio State Penitentiary. 

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How are you all finding their facilities? Pickaway from what my PP says is quite overcrowded :/ bunkbeds in dorms is what I imagine it's like.

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My husband has been in both the Feds and in the States. He hates the State of Ohio, and everything they lack in comparison to other prisons. He's in insolation and has been for a good many years in different prisons. He was at Lucasville for a while, and well, let's just say he doesn't always play nice with rapists and child molesters (he has to be a role model now, thanks to me) so he was transferred to OSP and has been there for a couple of years now. The mental health staff is a joke, and in fact one of the counselors, regularly tells inmates to kill themselves. He'd like to be transferred but the only way to do so is not an option, plus he could be sent to another prison further away from me. 

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I'm a health professional and appalled that is happening in any facility I. E. Told to go kill themselves, have they no morals these people (not the inmates).

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hi kate i am currently writing to an ohio inmate and i also live in scotland. im having trouble with receiving calls from him. he says he tries to call but it never works, ive now got a home phone as well as my mobile but cn is not letting me add this number online. its driving me crazy. he also said one of his buddies uses skype for calls not video calls but actual phone calls. do you know any other way that he can succesfully call me xx



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Hi i have an Ohio penpal she calls me every day sometimes twice a day , I live in England and i have a Dayton Ohio number connect to my mobile , I use a company call tollfree forwarding , You can tranfer the number to any phone you want, GTL accept this, The only problem i have had is the wifi goes down now and again , Hope this helps 


David Johnson 736470
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hello my name is david johnson 736470 i am in southeastern correctional insttution in lancaster ohio feel free to jpay me or write regular mail 

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Hi guys I have a pen pal in Ohio, Allen/Oakwood.. Anyone else has a pen pal in the same facility?? I need some help and advice  




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Hey Kate, I don't know if you're still on here, or still looking for Sci-Fi titles, but as this thread just got bumped, The Hyperion Cantos, a series by Dan Simmons, is a set of four I can recommend. Actually, they were on my bud's wish list and I got them myself for a read-along, compare notes, book club kind of deal. Of course, he ran circles around me timeframe-wise.

Sorry Evie. I do have a friend in Ohio, but not there.

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Heyy everyone. I'm looking for a ohio pen pal. Preferably lorain because it is the closest to my house. If anyone knows how to search penpals I'd love to know.

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Hello to everybody!
I have also a PP in Pickaway CI since some days.
He is there for a murder he did in age of 16.
Actually I wanted to just take a short look on the side but then I saw his face and his nice smile :)
I saw it's possible to send money to an inmate at jpay. But I have no credit card (I'm German and in Germany only rich people own credit cards).
Is there an other way for sending money to him?
And does anyone know something about the Pickaway prison?
In internet they show you just the positive sides (the OASIS or the harmony project for example.)
Thank you so much for your help.

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Hey! I don't send money through Jpay to my fiancé in Ohio. I'm not sure that you actually can. I use GTL Trust fund deposits. However for Trust fund deposits, you need a US card and address. Thankfully his family helped me get a US card though because I'm in the U.K.  

So unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure if there is another way for international pp's to fund their account. 

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Hey schreib mir doch mal :) Insta: jomalgor 

Yvonne smith
Yvonne smith's picture do I find out if my pen pal in ohio is well.. I have'nt heard from him since 22 april after we were writing to each other every day on Jpay for 2 months really getting on well sending each other music and photos he called me his english rose.. now theres nothing.. no reply to my letters I sent a free reply last time.. but nothing..I'm really worried.. but I pray hes ok and maybe just found another penpal closer as I'm in uk.. how do I find out ? His name is Delbert

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He could well be on Jpay restriction, in the hole, or have been placed in to quarantine. 
Why not shoot him a letter via snail mail? You could use - that will get there quicker than sending it from the U.K.