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Love & Lust

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Love & Lust
Love is like a drug, It's something you get Attached to and never Want to let it go. Love is the root to Passion and pain. Sometimes it destroys Us, sometimes it doesn't. Lust is the root to Sex and desire, it's So powerful in its own way. Lust is fun and Amazing until your hearts broken. Once your heart has been Broken you lose sight of What's real. Love is inevitable, it's Something that happens, like magic. Lust is impulsive, most say It's a sin when it's not.
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Lust is considered a sin because yes it's acted upon impulse and considered a sin because it moves you and leads you away from God to your own selfish desires. Lust has a very powerful influence on our actions. We become blinded and seek to fill our desire with what we fell in lust with. It consumes you. Lust to me is as bad as love is. Love is a drug just like lust can be a drug. You fall in love with lust. Love is evol, sounding just like evil. Love can be very evil. We give our love to the wrong ones. We get hurt. Love is thrown around like it's a simple little thing and so many take for granted but love is the most powerful thing in this world. That so many lack to have. Lack to give. Love is the most painful thing yet the most powerful destroyer. Love is something we all need. Yet something some never feel or care to have. They say it's better to love and lost then to never have loved at all. I disagree. I'd rather to have never loved then to have loved and loose. The pain left after the love has gone is the most painful feeling but unfortunately the world needs more love because we are only becoming more selfish and uncaring to one another.