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Poem about love

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Poem about love

I found this beautiful poem (link) and wanted to share it with you :77smile:

My biggest crime

Since the beginning of time,
Loving you was my biggest crime,
One that deserved to be punished,
And yet the feeling hasn't vanished,

On the contrary, it just grew,
And suddenly without a doubt I knew,
That you wanted me deep down,
Even if you always gave me a frown.

You would never show your true soul,
Always teasing, tantalizing me real slow,
Until the day I give in and become brazen,
But I knew too well that you were taken.

You belonged to someone else, I knew,
Oh, how many times your picture flew
In front of my mind's eyes, burning in,
Never letting me forget my only sin,

Always being there, reminding me,
That your smile just might be the key
To my never ending suffering,
And yet, this was just the beginning,

I know that one day you will come,
Our destiny unfolding, ties undone,
One day when we meet again,
To Heaven, as one we will ascend,

Kissing you deep under the stars,
We will leave behind old scars,
Forgetting the whole world and all,
I will help you take down your wall

The one you built to protect your heart,
But honey, you missed one part,
The one that speaks volumes of me,
Don't let this be wasted, it was meant to be.

Together we will become whole,
Darling, you know I know your soul,
Even though your actions are in denial,
I'm the one you need for survival.

And you shall have me some day,
I'm sure we will find a way,
To release this built-up tension,
Our faults need some correction

You need to be mine, and me yours,
What happens behind closed doors
Will remain our own secret, a pact,
Honey, I'm not luring you into a trap.

All I want is your body next to mine,
As you trace your fingers along my spine,
And say in a husky voice, panting,
"Darling, it's you I'm thanking

For all the lovely dreams and more,
And whatever we had to endure,
It's over now, I'm here, right?
Oh, honey, just hold me tight."

And with that you would touch
And lick and taste, and nudge
Your way down my sensitive skin,
Making me glad I never forgot my sin.

The sin that lead to my biggest crime,
That I wanted you to be mine,
A crime I haven't acted on yet,
But it will be heavenly, I bet

When I finally taste your lips,
While gently straddling your hips,
Moving real slow, so we can feel,
That what we wanted was always real.

And then it won't be a sin no more,
Our body and mind will learn to soar,
And, just like the stars and the Moon,
We will become one... Real soon...

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