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I don't know,
What I can do...
You're permeated by shadows...

A mystery,
That perplexes me...
A precious stone,
That adorns my heart...

Expressions made,
By feelings that play your face...
You've fooled me up til' now,
With the candied little words that you say...

I need to seperate myself from you...
Seperate myself...

You portray yourself as innocent,
To lure in someone pure of heart,
And it works every time,
Now, doesn't it?

All alone and,
All for nothing,
On a wasted beautiful...
Nighttime evening that you'll never see,
It could've been you and me...
(X 2)

And once again,
I thought I had a friend that -
I would be able to...
Spend some time and unwind with,
But they left my side...

I'm bringing it to light,
They weren't ever even there...
Its funny when you convince yourself,
To believe that they care...

When I come outside,
I can't even catch a stare...
I just wanna' know -
That you feel the same as me...

And the hardest part -
Is knowing that you probably don't care,
While these tears drown my voice...
Blurring my eyes into an image of you,
So very close to me,
Why do I even care?
(X 2)


'Cuz I know you don't,
Its a sick, twisted game,
Do you even realize,
What you've done to me?

Continuin' on like a murderous spree,
Yeah, you's a cold mind beauty -
In a pageantry...

First prize was a heart -
And you got it clean...
A couple glimpses of you -
And you got it from me...

Claim you don't know nothin' -
But you wrote the book...
Didn't need bait,
For your,
Pretend hook...
When you entered the room,
Girl, my game got shook -
Don't know what to do,
And don't know where to look...

See, that's where I got it twisted -
Its real messed up,
You got me thinkin' that you care -
But you don't give a f**k...
Man, I just cussed whilst I bust -
Look what you made me did...
You got my mind messed up,
To the point I can't even spit...

I wear a mask at all times -
My clothes are lies...
I'm continuin' on,
My soul,
Had never died...
Don't have any loved ones,
Who really realize my plight,
And the one,
I love,
I can't see in the night...


And the hardest part,
Is knowing that you probably don't care,
While these tears drown my voice...


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Thanks for sharing, I would love to hear it along with music.    Heartbreak is never easy. 

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Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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Hey man, I'm Matthew. We don't know one another but I can relate with those words, Love.. it's a mother f**ker, huh?