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True Friends

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True Friends

Greeting, Beautiful Women & Men. I join write a prisoner about two weeks ago. Happy to tell you I got absolutely no response but I'm okay with that. All those who wrote on their profile don't judge me yet take the longest to reply sometimes not at all. I'm on a spiritual walk with Jesus.Now here is were some of you Start reading something else but for those that kept reading Here part of my story As to why I'm writing inmates. Part of my story ruff so hold on. I remember using green plants to get high since I was about 18 years of age never thought it was a bad thing til I meet this Guy ( To you unknown) Now i never knew that he didn't believe in God we was smoking plants & reading the Bible & one Day I was sitting at his brother house waiting on him when I grew impatient as his brother was about to walk me out the door his brother face transfigured I'm unsure if it was the plant but I wasn't gonna stick around almost out the door when the one I was waiting on pop up & his face transfigured I screamed & run all they way home am 21 at the time so this never happened to me before I thought to myself only person can help me is God. From that moment till this my life has drastically changed all from learning from my mistakes & still working on self part of my testimony I'm only writing because the path I took with Jesus have been rough but I'm will to keep pushing forward. Never Give up on God Repent turn to him & he will change you. It's so much to tell you but I rather write you a personal letter. If you want a trust in lord friendship... I have very interesting life & up & down in my relationship with God I hope to share them with you:) well hope to hear from you bye & God bless