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Can I send stamps from the UK to a pen pal so they can reply

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Lindsy - not many prisons, in fact I think nearly all prisons don't allow stamps to be sent in envelopes. Also since you're in the UK, your stamps probably wouldn't be accepted by the USPS (United States Postal Service) and would be pointless anyway. 
Stamps are used in prison as a sort of currency and some prisons won't even give an inmate an envelope with the stamps still attached. I remember asking my PP if he liked all the different stamps, or if he looked at all the different ones (they're often miniature scenes of New Zealand) and he told me that the stamps were cut off the envelope. And some states where I don't think they even give them the envelope. It all gets very complicated. 
The only way to help with payment for stamps for your PP is to put money on their books, their commissary account and then they purchase the stamps from the prison store. I don't recommend doing this if you haven't been writing very long. If they have an ad on WAP they should be aware of the costs involved. However if you want to do something nice, and gift your PP some money then I heavily suggest that it's a no strings gift without expectations. 
Hope that helps


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Thank you Violet, I'm new to this so I've no idea at the moment 

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Hi Lindsy,

It depends on the institution. My PP is in San Quentin and I’m allowed to send him stamps with my letters. I guess it is best, if you ask your PP how it is, at the place where he is. He will be the one to tell you that most reliably.