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Want a penpal ?

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Want a penpal ?

Hello. I'm not in jail or prison but seeking to write letters. Any topic really except obviously the gross stuff. Interested?

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Pick an inmate and write away :)

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I made this account to setup my father's profile. I set it up in July 2019 and it hasn't helped him. If you are still looking for a pen pal, can I ask that you check out his inmate profile on writeAprisoner? His name is Michael A. Sanchez, inmate number 1075050. Currently serving time at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, TX. He didnt ask me to reach out to anyone, I am doing this on my own. Hopefully this isnt weird. I know he will appreciate any conversation. He isnt into gross stuff either. Thanks! - Samantha Sanchez 

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im nylaa and im really just looking for someone to right letters to and get to know , we can talk about anything really .

Calvin Gloster
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I made this account for my brother and this is what he wanted to say. Everything on me page is for him. He wants someone to communicate with in the outside world. 

My name is Calvin, however I am known as 40. I love reading, art, music, and to dance. I also like doing anything that will stimulate my intellect because knowledge is power. I am looking for someone to converse with. For as long as I'm in my current situation. I am a go with the flow kind of guy. If things go further then so-be-it. I'm not pushy, I let things take it's natural course. I have chosen write a prisoner because I see how well it works for some people. The people who are on her me typically values their relationships. They don't just take things for granted. I enjoy getting to know new people. It helps my time go by. I would like to talk with someone who will be as supportive as I am. I'm a good listener. Much like a German Shepard, I am easy to train (lol). I am open to learn new things. I am single and have no baggage.

Thank you for visiting my page. Please feel free to contact me, you want to know more. I will respond to  all letters. Don't be shy or afraid to write, you never know what can come from it.




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Hi, you might want to add some more info on your brother so whoever chooses to write him can find him, like for example his inmate number. 

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Hey You! Yeah You!
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Yours Truly Bryant