Want to support WAP and give incentive for more people to get involved, but

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Want to support WAP and give incentive for more people to get involved, but

So I found out about WAP at 17 and since I've been browsing through, waiting until I had a setting where I could receive letters from prison without causing issues. That happened about a year ago and thus far I haven't had anything but pleasant experiences. Not to disregard, however, all that comes with it.

But I still think it's worth it and I have seen myself the positive impact these letters have on someone's life. I go to university, which happens to be an amazing setting to campaign, advertise and reach people. I want to give incentive for more people to write. There are so many inmates listed on WAP and far less people writing.

The issue however is that even though I've always been aware that writing is a responsability because of the direct influence you'd have over someone's life, I only really grasped that once I had been writing for a few months. The last thing I would want to do is drag someone into it just for them to give up, hurt their pp, or walk away. More than that, you become heavily connected to the people you write (or at least most people do) so it can be emotionally very stressful, at times overwhelming. Maybe not for everyone.

Point is, what does wap and its community think?

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^^ What Kirsten said.

I recently just turned 20 and I've been writing to inmates for a few months now - again, only ever had pleasant experiences. Like Kirsten said, there are a lot more people writing to inmates than there are on the forum, I've been writing for a few months now and only just joined the forum this week (mostly down to the fact WAP hadn't approved my email address but even so) - I'd been doing a lot of anonymous browsing beforehand.

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Well said Kirsten...

I could have done with someone like you when I was young, to say these things.