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Will support ur inmate

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Will support ur inmate

If your prisoner is lonely and no one writes to him. I will be able to be close to him with my letters and care. Whether it's your son or someone else. Death penalty or bad criminal. I will support him for as long as you want. For a small amount. Write to private messages. Not everyone has the desire to write and the time. I have both desire and time.

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Anna, those who are posting here, we all do it. For no amount. (But the stamps or what some invest in phone calls or some birthday or Christmas present, while the latter two aren't a must).

No offense meant to you here, but to be honest with you: If you think your act of writing is done "for a small amount", I believe many wouldn't want it. You can't buy a friend, a mentor, a coach or simply someone to trust.

On this website, there are more than 3400 ppl on the needs mail list, ppl who have their ad on here for 3+ months and got little to no mail.

If you want to help someone who really needs it, go and pick someone from there.

But think about your motivation. If it is about the small amount, (i.e. you needing some money) find yourself sth.else to do to earn it.

Friendship is given from the heart or notat all and a heart is one can buy.

Good luck,



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Love for sale, huh? I’d say that’s a spin on the oldest profession in the world. While that’s legal in some jurisdictions, one of my buds happens to be serving time for just that, in a place where it is not. Now, no shade thrown on professional escorts, and I’m not saying pen-palling is remotely similar, but laws are reflective of society’s greater aspirations, right? So then, how would this proposal square with the larger ideas in play? Not very well as Kirsten points out (though parts of Nevada where prostitution is legal can be excluded).

Perhaps you’ll find better outlets for your desire and time, Anna. Here’s hoping.