5 digit zip code number for international calling

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5 digit zip code number for international calling

Hi, I was hoping someone could please help me!
I'm in Australia and trying to receive calls from an Inmate in the USA, I purchased a Skype number with a US area code and I've been added to his calling list however when I try to put money on my number when he calls I can't because I don't have a 5 digit zip code that they request, Australia has 4 digits. Has anyone has issues with this? Surely I'm not the only one, I was thinking can I jpay him the money and he puts it on my number, can he do that?
I would appreciate any help!
Thank you!

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I am having the same issue (I'm from NSW). I bought a local US number however I have called and emailed the company that his facility uses and have heard nothing back. My pp called me but he had to pay, he said he didn't mind at all but I did. It's a little frustrating as I would rather he didn't have to pay. I was also wondering if I could just transfer him the money to put on his account instead.

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hi could you tell me how to get a us number as i am currently in scotland and my pp is ohio. he tries to call my number but this doesnt work xx

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There's an app called dingtone. You can get a local number from there and pay credit for it