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Am I allowed to write a codefendent of my pen pal?

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Am I allowed to write a codefendent of my pen pal?

Hi! I'm new here so I really apologize if this is in the wrong place or anything like that. I have a question and I'm hoping someone has an answer. I'm wondering if I'm "allowed" to write a letter to my penpal's codefendent? They are in the same prison, and I'm worried that it's against some kind of rule and that I will get banned from writing to either of them. Just to clarify, my penpal does know about this and is fine with it. It's something we've discussed at length. I'm just worried that the prison has some kind of rule against it. I have read the prison's mail rules and I haven't been able to find anything saying that this is against the rules, however, I'm still curious if any of you have experience with this before I try it. Thanks so much and I hope you all are having a great night! 

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I think there'd be no special rule prohibiting it, but I wouldn't do it for several reasons. the first and most obvious one you already dealt with: You talked about it with your penpal. But even if he's okay with it, there are two other aspects I'd consider: what do you think will happen with your letters (or jpays or whatever you write messages with) when you're talking with two different ppl involved in the same case? Any ideas about the mailroom? Chances are pretty high that your messages will be much more thoroughly read than they might be now,especially if (which I don't know, of course) there happen to be any tiny open questions regarding the case or an open appeal.

Second thing is, I never came across any mail rules wheresoever that allowed inmate to inmate contact. And for one both of these guys might use you as a third party to have exactly that kind of contact without officially having it and that might cause you to get into trouble yourself.

Personally I'd not do it, but you can do as you please. 

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If they've already been convicted then there shouldn't be an issue. The fact that they are both in the same facility tells me the prison doesn't see them together as an issue. My only word of advice is not to pass messages along,(trust me they can do this on their own inside) and to not discuss with either of them there case. You never know if down the road they want to appeal. 

Out of curiousity, assuming you met your pen-pal via this site or a site like it, then researched the case, what makes you want to reach out to his co-defendant?