GTL / CONNECTNETWORK ... anyone from Europe ??? HELP ...

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GTL / CONNECTNETWORK ... anyone from Europe ??? HELP ...


I live in Europe and my inmate is in Indiana.

Since 2013 we communicated throught JPAY Company, we sent e-mails, schedule video-visits and I also was able to send some little amount. JPAY accepted always paiments with my Visa credit card. 

Unluckily the prison changed company and since past December is GTL / Connect Network who offers "services" to inmates.

I read many negative opinions about this company ...

The only services I can use is sending messages. They accept my european visa credit card to buy virtual stamps. That's all ! 

I tried to open an account to schedule video-visits, but it doesn't work. They reject everytime my request with silly excuses ... Since year 2014 I am in the visitors's list of my inmate, as I also visited him in IN twice, in 2014 and 2015. So I don't understand why they reject me ...

I tried to send a little amount but it doesn't work too ... they refuse my paiment with visa credit card.

I'm really upset ... because it seems we have no more hope to communicate, me and my inmate. Just only messages and some letters (if he can buy some stamps).

We live 4300 miles far away (6000 km) so ... this situation make us mad and really down ... 

Anyone of  WAP members, from Europe, had same problems with GTL / Connect Network ? Anyone fof you ound some other solution (also for send money) ?

I hope to receive some positive answer ... thanks in advance ! 

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Yeah, but not quite the "straight" way. I've got a pp in IL & someone from his family knowing about our contact "lent" me his address & contact phone number for opening an account & having a US billing address. As for phoning, if the facility doesn't allow it you probably can't do anything. But emails and sending money should work. And even if not: couldn't you send money via jpay while using GTL for messaging? 

Another pp of mine is in AZ, they don't have jpay message or anything, so it's ONLY snailmail for us. But sending a little money for Christmas just worked out fine.

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You were very lucky to have a member of your penpal family to help you and "lent" his address/phone etc to open an account and US billing address. This is not my case, my man (since 5 years we have a long distance relationship) doesn't have close relationship with his relative and I don't know anyone in the US who can offer us help.This change of company has been real obstacle for our relationship. I read on the internet full of complaints from people (especially from US) GTL seems not a serious company and it seems that sometimes scam people ... For financial reasons I can not afford no more to visit my man, video-visits for us were very important. For the phone we always found a way to communicate but I can not send money either now because GTL refuses payments from abroad. All must come from the US!?! Until last november for many years his prison worken with JPAY services and everything was PERFECT, it was really serious company (alfo to refund money when video-visits did not work). Now we can only send e-mails but they take several days to arrive ... that's weird and so frustrating ! Like you I also have 3 other penpals from CA and NV we communicate only by mail but that's ok because they are just good friends ... With my man is different ...

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GTL are not the most people friendly company not in my experience anyway have you tried to send money if that’s what your trying to do 

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GTL have one international service which is managed by email, and their plans for phone calls are expensive... To speak to my mwi in Federal I ended up using one of their "competitors." Corrlinks is equally as frustrating to deal with and doen't allow video visits if you are too far away. You should be able to still send money by jpay... or Western Union if you have an American address you can borrow. As to the video visits... You may just have to buy a plane ticket and visit the traditional way... I know most of us do not hav high paying jobs that allow us to travel regularly but that's the message they send us.

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I read a LOT of reviews about GTL and 99% were negative (most of people were american)  ...  I really don't understand why the prison (where my man is incarcerated) choose this company for inmates's services ... JPAY was perfect for me and for us ! I tried to send little amount by Jpay but is not possible anymore. I thought to send little by Western Union, but honestly I don't know how it works with someone in prison ... Did you tried ? Oh my "darling" I know very well the best solution will be to buy a flight ticket and fly to US ... but I cannot afford no more to travel so far away. I did in past years two times and it was very emotional experience ... but things change and not always in better (for job ... financial situation) ... Both of us are mad / sad thinking we cannot see us anymore (neither in video-visit) ... this new situation is really frustrating and I really hate it ... or better ... I HATE GTL !

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Hello, I live in Europe and I have just started to have phone calls with my inmate in Ohio through Skype. You choose a local number phone from Skype and you ask your inmate to call you with this number. You will pay the subscription.