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HELP Calling Cards

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HELP Calling Cards

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone has an international PP? I'm in Canada and my PP is in Ohio, US. We currently use TEXTNOW app so that he can call me with an international number. But that app is so wonky and it sometimes won't even let me answer the call .. it just rings and disconnects immediately. I was wondering if there is another app or if anyone has bought a calling card from a website? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't tried any other way of receiving phone calls with my PP other than having paid for a subscription to a Skype number with a US number. I did try when we first did calls to see and research how I could do it all above board but they make it very difficult (I'm from NZ) for International pals to get cheaper calls. I pay 3monthly for my Skype number and it takes off about $2.60 each call out of my credit as it gets redirected to my cellphone. Not all prisons allow Skype calls, so you should check as they violate the "no third party calling" rules. Sorry I can't help you out a bit more, I can only tell you about what I know. 
Maybe someone else can give you some advice?