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Help!!Been Rejected from Visting a Inmate what can I do now to be approved

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Help!!Been Rejected from Visting a Inmate what can I do now to be approved

I apparently was rejected for not knowing the prisoner at a federal correctional Insititution prior to writing him is there a way for me to appeal it or can I just simply re-apply.does anyone know the process of getting approved if you at first been rejected been trying to find infomation on how I can get approved but no such luck is there anyone that had been thru this and can help me on taking the neccessary steps to get approved.Anything will help thank you so much and have a great day:)

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Sorry, you were rejected. The feds have 3 things they require, as you already know, must know the inmate prior to incarceration (which is incredibly stupid), must not have communications with other prisoners, and the last is no criminal background. 

Your pen-pal should talk to their case manager about this, and go up the chain if need be. Sometimes if an inmate doesn't get any visits they make exceptions. Your friend can always send a cop-out to the deputy warden as well asking for an exception to be made. If he sends out enough cop-outs (notes) to administration you might get a response favorable to visiting. 

Anne marie HH
Anne marie HH's picture did ..vaguely know hhim before...

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Been there; done that @LauraRose, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn't bring myself to lie to the federal government (e.g. by saying I knew this person beforehand). This little ditty on the visitor application form kind of made up my mind: "The criminal penalty for making false statements is a fine of not more than $250,000 or imprisonment for not more than five years or both (See 18 U.S.C. § 1001)."

For one federal inmate, I was rejected twice and never got approved. Since that time, I was approved for federal inmates 2 and 3 on the first try. No rhyme or reason. I'd second @Northern's advice and try the approaches outlined above. Best of luck!

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I know this is a year old post. But did you ever get into seeing your inmate? And when that happens best is to just go there and ask to talk to someone in person to have them explain to you. It's harder to tell people no in person. Then to just send back a written response. 

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No, I would not recommend going there in person unless it's a sightseeing trip. The folks at the front desk can only check to see if you're on someone's visitor list. The real work happens when your friend on the inside runs it up the flagpole to their counselor, or unit manager, or deputy warden, or the warden. It CAN happen. I've been approved for two federal inmates who I didn't know before they were incarcerated, but it was a process.

FYI all federal visitation has been suspended due to Covid-19, though if it were me, I'd ask my friend to get going on some legwork on their end and set the table before reapplying.

Best of luck!