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How come inmate from the death row send me an email?

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The Sun
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How come inmate from the death row send me an email?

I wrote an inmate in death row via this page. I thought all of them can responds only via snail mail. But i was new here so i wrote him my email adress as well. 

And??? No snail mail he send me email. And its private email adress on gmail.  How come? Everybody say that inmates have no net and they can do only snail mail.

I am very upset and lost. Can somebody explain me this? 

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Inmates aren’t supposed to have gmail and services that are unmonitored.  So either a friend or family member is emailing you for him and relaying the messages, or he has a cell phone he’s not supposed to have.

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if you chose sending by email,. they write on a paper, and then a Deputy writes it back to you by email, :) no need to freak out like a baby lol

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Probably it was a family member or a friend managing an email account for him. If not that, then a probited cell phone, just like Lotus said. Deputy or CO's really don't have the time to email letters for inmates.