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I Need Help Please!!

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I Need Help Please!!

My Inmate I Have Been Corresponding with is a lovely person. I mean he hasn't asked me for anything or you know tried to make me feel as if he is a bad person. I mean I never had someone in my corner to talk to. My parents where drug addicts and abused me mentally. But I'm not looking for sympathy. I need to know if there any calling apps for prisoners that are free or something. Or I mean anything.. his mail is being withheld and I dont have enough money to put on the phone to talk. But we write. . And lately he's wrote me to tell me he's being picked on and it crazy. Where can I go to find a reasonable price or just be able to talk to him another way. Please no negative comments. . Please I dont have time for the ugliness or meanness.. please help me

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Hey! You should repost this in the “general prison talk”, that’s where most of the people look and you’ll get way more replies from people who know what they’re talking about. I believe that there is no free way to talk to prisoners and no way for you to call them. I think you have to be put on his calling list and then he can call you , either from a collect land line call, prepaid account you set up, or from his personal money. Or you can do Jmail which you’ll have to pay for. I hope this helped!! Please repost in “general prison talk” so others can see this!

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I don't know of anything that's truly free either, but the next best thing (if you're in the U.S. - I'm not sure if this works internationally) might be something like Google Voice. It goes like this: you, the outmate, sign up for a Google Voice phone number that's a local phone number to your inmate. It's not just the area code that's important, the exchange (the next three digits after the area code) is important too. There are several online resources that can help you figure this out - what geographic area is served by a particular exchange. Start by searching the exchange for the main number for the prison and go from there. Choose carefully. It's a pain to switch numbers afterwards. After you've it set up, GV forwards incoming calls to your mobile phone or whatever you've chosen.

The advantage is the cost for your inmate to call you is MUCH lower for a local call than it is for a long-distance call, so the phone budget, whatever it is, stretches out a lot further. I've been using it for several months, and after ironing-out the various settings on the app, it works like a charm!