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Jpay And Prison Rules

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Jpay And Prison Rules

Alot of us use jpay or thinking of using jpay instead of the old fashion way of writing. Here's some everyday questions asked that may help some of your answers for when using jpay:

  • How can I send money outside the US?  You can send money to an incarcerated individual’s spendable account through the Send Money option on or the JPay mobile app. Users must have access to a Visa or Mastercard to process a transaction. 
  • How do I use stamps?Stamps can be used to send your loved ones Emails, attachments (such as photos and eCards), photos through Snap n’ Send and 30-second VideoGrams. The stamp cost per feature varies by location. Once you compose a letter, attach a picture or video and click send, your stamp balance will reduce.  In some locations, you can also send a prepaid stamp to your loved one with your email.  They can only use that stamp to respond to you.
  • How do I create an account?

    Creating an account is easy!  To create an account through the JPay website, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Inmate Search” option at the top of the webpage  
  2. Enter the individual’s location “state” e.g. Florida and their DOC number e.g. S123456, and click “Find.” 
  3. The name, ID number and state will appear.  
  4. Once you confirm that the information is accurate, click on the name and you will be routed to a registration screen.
  5. Continue to input your email address, choose a password, agree to the Payment Terms of Service and click “Register.”
  6.  To create an account through the JPay mobile app, follow these steps:

  7. Once the App is launched, at the bottom click “Create New Account.”
  8. Then, select the individual’s location “state” e.g. Florida.
  9. Then, enter the incarcerated individual’s DOC number e.g. S123456, and click search.
  10. The name, ID number and state will appear.
  11. Once you confirm the information is correct, the app will route you to a screen with the list of services available. Such as Money, Email, Snap n’ Send and Video Communications (services vary by location)
  12. Continue to input your email address, choose a password, agree to the mobile terms of service and click “Create my account.”
  • Sometimes there is an additional fee associated with using a credit card, but not a debit card. Why? If you are using a credit card, it is possible that your issuing bank may charge a cash advance fee for the transaction. If you have any questions about your credit card’s cash advance policies, please contact your bank directly.  If you wish to avoid the possibility of incurring a cash advance fee, or of having your prepaid card declined, we encourage you to use a debit card.
  • Why does it take so long for some emails to be delivered? We strive to deliver all emails within 72 hours from the time you send it. Please keep in mind that all emails are reviewed before they are released. The system can flag the email for inappropriate content such as curse words, words that contain threats or attachments that include nudity, tattoos or gang sign.  The majority of mail is reviewed by facility staff.

Many of these questions are questions are questions many have and I am sure there are more that I haven't covered. I am hoping the few given is informative enough to answer your questions. Thank you for taking the time to read my forum topic.

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Jpay does have promotions by the way everyone. Just wanted to add that under the comments. All promotions and sweepstakes are announced through customer emails, the JPay Facebook page and on the JPay blog.  Check back routinely on the jpay blog for announcements.

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Hi! How are you? Very interesting about JPay. I tried to register and could not, apparently it is only for people who live in the United States. I live in South America. could you help me please ?

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Hi Andy,

no, Jpay is not only for US American residents. I'm living in Europe and I'm using it, too.My normal banking debit card doesn't work either, though. I use a credit card (Master card) for it. With Jpay this is (so far at least) no problem, with their mother company (Securus Tech) it is.