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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


Hello friends, how are you?

I would like to ask a question!

I recently started writing for a inmate and he asked me if I could send him some pictures of women in bikinis laugh   I particularly saw no problem and tried to send it using JPAY, but my email came back saying it had been censored. frown   What are photo restrictions in JPAY? How can I send him such photos? What kind of "sexy photos" can be sent?   Thanks a lot!

Photo restriction are the same for sending snailmail to the prison. Jpay follows the rules more tightly then the facility. But you really must check the facility guidelines before sending mail. Some states will not allow any photos that depict women scantily glad I. E in bikini. Also if these were random women with bikinis it might be that jpay can not confirm who the person is and whether you have permission to send thier photos.
Or it could be your penpal is not allowed such images as he may/may not trade them for contraband/food etc. Thus its a security problem.


Keep background small.  Make photo more of you and not any background.  Ive never had a problem sending bikini shots. 


You can send anything you like by JPAY the problem is its up to the mailroom at the facility to decide whether they want to deliver it and if your photos break the rules of the prison you're sending them to then they will be rejected at that facility. You may not even get any response at all, in which case you will have wasted a stamp and still not have sent anything. Read the rules for the mailroom at the facility you're sending the photos to.


Jpay is just the 'mailman', it depends on the facility if something is accepted or not. Some facilities allow bikini pics or even nudes, some don't even accept a pic showing a bare shoulder. You should check the rules for your pen pal's facility to see what you're allowed to send.

By the way, if your pen pal is in Texas, the attachments you send are printed in black and white on plain paper and the quality is really shitty, so pretty useless to send any pics that way. It may go for other states too, but I only use Jpay for my Texas pal so I can't tell you about any other states. It's best to print pictures on (photo)paper and send them by snail mail.