Long Distance Visitation?? 1st time

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Long Distance Visitation?? 1st time

Hey guys :) So, long story short, ive met someone on here that ive completely fell for.. we've both said our i love you's and have talked about a future together very seriously. I however live in Delaware, and he sadly is in Kentucky. That being said, im totally willing and plan to make the drive (10 hours) to visit him. This is the first time ive ever done something like this, i have 0 idea what im doing. Ive heard something about a "150" mile rule that allows a longer visitation? im not sure how true that is, or what the details of that are. Any details on what that means, what to expect, what to plan for, are so so appreciated. thank you in advance!

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Step One: submit a visitor application. You have to be a listed/approved visitor before anything can happen. If he's in a Kentucky state facility, read this first. If he's in a federal facility, go here, find the facility, and do your research. For information that's not available online, you'll have to ask your friend.

Pay careful attention to the dress code. Follow it to the letter. Find out about the visitor room vending machine particulars beforehand (will you need a pile of quarters? do they do reloadable cards?) Find out if they have visitor lockers, e.g. for handbags or cell phones. If they don't, keep all that in the car. Have a contingency plan if there's a lockdown and visitation is cancelled.

It all might seem a little overwhelming at first, but do your research, be prepared, and you'll be fine. Best wishes! Visiting is awesome!

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Everything that ST4s said, but I would like to add wear a sports bra. You have to clear the metal detector in order to be admitted. He should be able to ask his case manager if you get a longer visit. I think just about every facility allows this. 

Check the morning before your visit, to make sure the prison isn't in lockdown. He won't be able to contact you and let you know.

Just enjoy your visit. 

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He will need to send a kite in applying for extra visits, something like 30 days before tbe visit