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Rules of writing?

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Rules of writing?

I'm new to this whole thing. I've writen an introductory mail to the inmate I decided to contact and he has writen back. I am trying to sit and write back but I am worried about putting something that will get me or him into trouble. Is there somewhere I can go to check the rules of what I am or am not allowed to write about? He's in Georgia and on DR.

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of course go to the Georgia DOC and read, but follow the general rule of never writing about: weapons, escape. I'd say don't write about drugs or gangs but I have in broad terms as in: "are you gang affiliated" or "did you try drugs in your youth" or talk about personal stories, but not anything that is an obvious gang affiliation business or desire to traffick in drugs, or if he ever did, etc. Nothing that could get them in to legal trouble if it were read and could be used against them.

My pp told me about a heroin addiction in his youth but that's different than saying: "I sell to people in here" obvious personal story vs. current illegal action.My pp's can write about those things in terms of their own experiences, too, but I doubt they'd ever talk about any business that goes deeper than that, if they have it.

I would imagine that writing: "Gee too bad you can't escape, ha ha!" is not going to be seen as a legitimate escape plan but you know, I just steer clear of such statements in case some mail room person is having a bad hair day and feels like sticking it to the letter recipient.

Also do not send maps of the state, or the prison. Follow all the rules about what not to put in or on the envelope.