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Sending Mail recorded delivery

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Sending Mail recorded delivery

Hi everyone...I am so annoyed today, like it has not been crappy enough I go online to Track the letter I sent to C on monday and it says it got to America but delivery to the prison was unsuccessful. If redelivery or collection is unsuccessful they will send it back to me. I did it recorded because it has some paintings my boys did for him and pictures. Has anyone sent mail recorded to a prison without trouble. I'm assume it could not be signed for but why?...Damn royal explanations :hopmad: but I spent almost £10 on it...never using recorded delivery again! If it gets sent back I'll be gutted cause he has been looking forward to this letter and will have to wait another week. HELP! :beg:
Sorry for the uber freak out x

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sunray's wench
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Many prisons dont accept mail that has to be signed for, because there is not always someone available to sign for the mail if it arrives before the mailroom workers do. It should come back to you, but it will probably take a few weeks.

sunray's wench
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In our experience, TDCJ units don't like having to sign for mail. Most of the units are in the middle of nowhere, and often the mail is just left at the back gate for the next in-going vehicle to take in with it, or handed in at the front picket, and we are talking bags and bags of mail, so they don't have time to separate the stuff needing to be signed for from the regular envelopes.

Plus, there is no garuantee that mail delivered by another carrier in another country even knows that they should be getting a delivery signature. I've sent things abroad before and the tracking stops once it has left the UK.

Never send anything that cannot be replaced. Always better to make a copy, even if it means scanning a large picture at a printer's and sending the copy rather than the real thing.

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Iv always thought recorded deliveries would be signed for so never bothered before. I just sent everything normal mail and he always got it so that was a plus.

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That makes senses SW thank you...they did attempt to deliver it at 9am and I'm sure the mail room is not open that early...he's at Robertson unit Tx so it could be a number of factors. As long as I get it back in one peice I don't mind.
Thanks the avatar btw...I only did it recorded cause I was sending some special stuff that I didnt want to get lost but I might as well have done it regular mail, fingers crossed it can be redelivered today.

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Another lesson definately learned in the world of TDCJ pen palling...the paintings can always be done again and pictures can be reprinted so its not so bad. Thanks for the replies girls..normal mail from now on

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Just to update..It got signed for yaaay! So relieved.

Michelle E
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Hi there writergirl , I used to send my mail many moons ago Recorded Delivery and he signed for it on the wing , I did send some pictures a few weeks ago as well cos he wanted some pictures back and I did not want them to get lost , nerver had any problems myself, I do however push my luck with the mail room, like sending him 3D cards and 3D bookmarks and lots of other stuff , only had one rejection :rollinglaugh:.
But as sunrays says , it all depends where he is. x

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Heya , so I'm wondering is sending letters via Royal Mail from U.K. to USA an ok way to send or are there other companies that I can send by to make sure I definitely have a delivery made to the person. Also can I include pictures in my mail and do I have to use the template that writeaprisoner gives every single time I am writing. This is my first time and I just wanna make sure everything gets to the person !

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Hey! were you able to successfully send a letter to that person? I'm in the same situation as you lol

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FWIW, I’ve had mail room incidents in the past at various federal prisons where my buds weren’t receiving anything – not from me nor from their families – or if they did, it was delayed by nearly a month post-postmark. Umm, yeah, that kind of doesn’t work for me.

This led to me sending a barrage of certified mail (what they’d call “recorded delivery” here in the U.S.), including reprints of old “lost” letters and every new one after that. What happens afterwards is probably facility-specific, but in my buds’ cases, incoming mail like this must be logged and recorded, then personally walked over to my bud by a corrections officer, then signed for by my bud – a lot of additional steps in other words. And literally too, it turns out.

One C.O., who had to regularly walk all these letters across the full length of the compound to get them to my bud, well, let’s just say that word got back to me that he wanted to pay me a little visit and have a little chat about me knocking this off. Priceless, right? My next certified letter had a little message to the C.O. on the outside of the envelope – inviting him up to discuss that I’ve only been doing this to counter the mail room issues, and if he could do something about that, well, I’d buy him a beer (the facility is about two hours away from where I live).

Perhaps it’s just the magic of beer, or the magic of a beer promised, but all was miraculously resolved after that. I still haven’t met the guy, but my bud got all his mail afterwards, the regular way.