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So confused!! Please advise or help?!

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So confused!! Please advise or help?!

Hi All,


I'm currently in the process of writing to some pen-pals over in the U.S. Im located in the UK and getting so confused by the rules. 

I have tried the Jpay thing and its not working for me, so.. Ive stuck to the old letter writing way; the rules are slightly confusing me though.

So my letters get sent in a brown envelope with hand written address, sent from my local post office. Ive seen alot of questions asked about stamps etc, such as the air-mail stamp? and whether I will have to send stamps to the inmates to get a response?

Can someone just sinply clarify the process of writing to an inmate and the necessary things I need to be aware of?



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Hi Savannah
I am also writing from UK. Just make sure your name and address is written on the back of envelope. Ask at the post office for them to send it International Standard. They will check the weight and put correct postage on for you. Make sure you put inmates name and number on top of each page/photo etc. I write on white paper and just one 1 side. I also number each sheet (1 of 2) etc.
Hope that helps :)

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Also make sure your address is on letter as inmates do not get the envelopes.

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Don't send in brown/coloured envelopes some states don't allow this so always post in white. Check to see if they are allowed greetings/note cards too.
Name and address should be written in top left hand corner not the back, some facilities are really strict with that.
Michigan require you to have return address on the body of the letter too as they remove letters and transfer them to blank envelopes for thier inmates.
I write front and back of my letters but this depends on whom I'm writing to. I think it's best to have a look at the state in questions Dept. Of Corrections website to ensure your following thier rules within thier mail policy.
What issues are you having with Jpay?
If an inmate is on a penpal website then they should ensure they have the means to pay for responding to letters receive. This doesn't fall to the penpal to cover such things.
I am UK too welcome.

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All has been explained above. I am also UK writing to CA so if you need more help then let us know. Happy writing!