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Visiting applications by Non-US-citizens - your experiences

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Visiting applications by Non-US-citizens - your experiences

Hello all,

I'm from Germany, and I plan to visit my PP during a vacation in the US in December. I'm currently sitting over my MDOC visiting application. I didn't post in the Michigan forum because I'm looking for as many tips as possible and I think other foreign applicants might run into the same issues in other states:

1. The form asks to enter either the Driver's License number or the State ID number. I don't have those, of course, and my German ID number or passport number won't fit in there. I will use the passport during the visit as an identification, so it might be sensible to use that number. How did you solve this?

2. I'm asked to include a self-addressed envelope, without which I will not be informed of my approval, only if the application is denied. I would love to have something written before driving up there, so I'd like to include a self-addressed envelope. I've been trying to order stamped envelopes or stamps via USPS, but they don't ship them internationally. Before I bother my PPs family, with whom I am in touch, I wanted to know how others solved this problem. 

Thanks in advance!



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I'd personally phone the prison. The process is so different for every state. I have experience with 2 states but not Michigan. I would personally just write your passport number on there and send a photocopy of it along with the application. If you call them and explain the situation with the return stamp, they might tell you that they are happy for you to just phone for updates. I imagine your pp will be informed when you are approved too though.

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Thank you, Farfromhome, that's great advice, I think I'll try to do it that way.

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Which facility is he at in Michigan ? Also you just be excited 

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I recently had to do the same thing. But I think it was easier for me because I was able to send it in through email. 
I left the driving license blank. They will probably ask you for a criminal background check, so keep that in mind!