Visiting someone on Death Row

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Visiting someone on Death Row

Hey guys,

two months ago I`ve wrote a forum topic called "Writing to someone on death row" what I did for the first time now. But mostly for scientific research (for an article about stalking) . I just ask myself: Is it possible to visit someone on death row as a "stranger" if he wants to talk to you in person? I know it`s possible outside of death row but I can imagine that the rules for death row inmates are more stringent. As far as I know you can only talk to them behind a glass window. 

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You have to fill out a visitation form and get approved before visiting any inmate, in any institution. Death row inmates are only allowed non-contact visits. If you're worried about your safety in that regard I wouldn't. In the Federal system they have rules you had to have known the inmate prior to incarceration. They do make exceptions and some institutions may have eased up on this rule.

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Death row inmates can receive visits from journalists. I am not overly sure why you wish to visit a death row inmate as a 'stranger' possibly for research purposes?
In some states like Idaho you will have needed a lengthy correspondence before being accepted. A family friend who didn't correspondent regularly with my Idaho penpal had thier visitation revoked but mine was approved because we have known each other for 2 years and have regular contact. Despite me being from the UK.
Different facilities/different states/different rules.

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I see. Thanks to both of you! To be honest I don`t plan to visit the person I wrote to on death row, it was just a simple question. Apropos non-contact visit, why is that? I mean not every inmate is extremly dangerous. Oh and what about his / her family / friends?  No hugs allowed?