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What is accepted?

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What is accepted?

So I recently send my first mail off to my PP, and about to send another letter off to a 2nd PP.

It just occured to me though, how do I know if the letter makes it to them? Will the letter be returned to me if it is rejected? I don't want my PP to think I've stopped writing to them!
Is there a limit on the number of pages you can send at a time?
Am i able to send over gifts (brand new, unopened items. I'm thinking vegemite, hahaha)?

If there is somewhere that has all this information, that would be handy.

I'm in Australia, sending to facilities in Kentucky and Texas.

Thank you for any help you can offer :-)

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Hi Tegs16!

Feels nice to send off that first letter, eh? :)

Other than receiving a response back, there's really no way of knowing that your letters have reached them safe and sound, unless if they are able to email you back via JPay (I don't know about Kentucky, but Texas inmates can receive JPays and can only respond via snail mail). Every mail room is operated differently when it comes to their policies with rejected mail but usually the mail staff lets the inmate know and he/she decides to either discard or return the letter back to you. Again, depends on the State and unit. I would just give the mail room a quick call for clarifications.

In terms of page limits, I know that Texas does not have a limit. No gifts and stamps, just books (new paperbacks only and ordered through a recommended vendor like Amazon) and magazines. Greeting cards must not have any glitter, 3D embellishments, stickers, etc.

Hope that helps, I've only been corresponding with mine for 7 months so I'm still learning along the way!

Have lots of fun - it can be an addicting hobby :)


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You really can't send anything except words and pictures printed on paper.

In Kentucky, you can't use pre printed labels.  You'll have to write the address on your envelope by hand.  If the mail is rejected in Kentucky, it will be returned to you.

I have no clue about the rules in Texas.

Sometimes my letters get lost in the mail.  For this reason I strongly reccomend against hand writing those letters.  If I don't hear back after a month, I reprint my last letter with a note saying "Not sure if you received this" and send a new copy.