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Anonymity + Questions

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Anonymity + Questions

Hello! I am new to this site. Thank you all in advance for reading my questions.

1) When writing a prisoner, do we keep our anonymity with our usernames or do they receive our real names & addresses?

2) Is there a way to type in a question and have it search in either the faqs and/or the forums?

I greatly appreciate any answers that anyone provides. Thank ypu again.

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Hello and welcome!

If you use the first free email service from this website, your name and address will be added automatically, so the prisoner can write you back. Some prisons use their own email service like Jpay, Connectnetwork or Corrlinks where you can send an email and the prisoner is able to reply by email. You could also use Jmail, it's a kind of online P.O. box, where you can choose if you want to receive letters to your Jmail P.O. box or your personal address. So there are ways to remain anonymous if you want to, but prisoners mostly don't appreciate writing to an anonymous person. 

There used to be a search option for the forum, but the forum was changed a couple of months ago and the search bar disappeared, unfortunately. So there is no way to search the forum or faq. But if you have some spare time, you can just read everything : )

Wish you happy writing!

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As per above, most people don't appreciate writing to or talking to an anonymous person. There are many way to keep your address safe and they include either using email, getting a jmail box, or alternatively renting a physical post office box/mail bag in your local area. Writing by email is the least expenive option and there is a sliding scale all the way down to renting a PO box in your area.

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Im from the UK and i am trying to set up a telephone call and video visit for my friend, but having problems as it doesnt seem to facilitate anyone other than if you have a US address and credit card...does anyone know a way to set it up from the UK???

Please help...

Thank you♥️

Kacii xx