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I want to make friends, how can I do that?

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I want to make friends, how can I do that?

Hello! I'm Japanese and not very good at English, but can I find a friend on this site?
I'm looking for advice on how to send snail mail and find friends.
Thank you for reading!

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Hello, Lilysan.  To find the people who have ads up to be pen pals and friends, look under the tab "Inmate Profiles" on this site, on the menu bar.  You can scroll through the most recent ads posted, or do a search ("advanced search") to select profiles for any special criteria you're looking to filter by.  When you find an ad that you'd like to respond to, write them a letter by snail mail, including your return address so they can write you back.  There are different options you may have to communicate electronically on other private message systems like JPay, which you pay separately to use, or you can just stick to postal mail, which is always an option.

There are no currently incarcerated people on this forum, normally, and prisoners don't legally have access to the internet or email like we're used to using.

A lot of information is also available in the FAQ section here on this site.  I hope this is helpful to get you started, hope you find some good pen-friends to write to!  :)