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If I sent an email how long would it take for my PP to receive it?

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If I sent an email how long would it take for my PP to receive it?

Hi everyone

I wrote my first PP yesterday but because I was so excited for them to receive it I emailed them instead of writing a letter. I was just wondering how long it would take for them to receive my email? 
Also when talking about prison life how far can you take the conversation because I know everything gets read before they can see it. 




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In my experiences some facility are faster than others when it comes down to passing on the emails sent out to the pp. It can be a matter of 2 to 48 hours. Plus to keep in mind if the pp has email money to reply. I never hold back with my questions about prison. One of my pps told me once that they don’t really care what we write about as long as it’s not a security issue to them. For example talking about ways to escape or how to make booze out of I don’t know what kind of stuff. Things like that would raise a red flag. But any other than that, I ask about the crimes they committed especially if they been in more than once. The best person to ask is your pp though.