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An inmate with few/no other correspondents

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chris watford
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An inmate with few/no other correspondents


I am new to this but keen to be involved.  I would prefer to correspond with an inmate who has little contact with others and there appears to be no indication for the volume of contact they receive, perhaps I am being a tad naive and maybe not the best initial approach to this.

Advice will be gratefully received.


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Hi good on you for joining our lil community :D Honestly, any prisoner will greatly appreciate your letter. But if you really want to write someone specifically with little contact with the outside world, I'm gonna assume prisoners on death row? But don't quote me on this

chris watford
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Thanks for replying.

I have just noticed on INMATE PROFILES that I can select inmates who have received no mail, this should suffice.



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Needs mail is the way to go, as you've already mentioned.

For anyone new reading this, death row inmates actually get more attention than regular prisoners do, they get more mail (generally, not all but generally most of them do). It's largely because of their situation, we have alot of anti death penalty people here who write inmates (not the only reason they do so, just one of many) and many people carry sympathy for those who will one day be executed. 

The people who receive the least mail will always be in the Needs Mail section. And you can also tell by reading the profiles, generally if you come across one that is really interesting and appealing to you, chances are they appeal to others too. 



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Happy writing Chris, hope you find people who appeal to you and you find valuable friendships as I and many others here have! It's an exciting, interesting, patience trying but rewarding commitment being a friend to an inmate, but it's always cool to hear more people taking the initiative to do so!

chris watford
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Thanks Shadey, I have written to a couple of inmates.  After reading other posts on here I am prepared to wait for a response, say maybe 6 weeks and if no contact made will try some new inmates.

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Hi, I haven't written a letter before but would like to start, especially to someone who needs one. Please let me know!

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Look here:

It's the link to profiles from inmates who get little or no mail. Pick someone from there whose profile "speaks" to you.

Happy writing and "good luck!"



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I'm just throwing this out here, and I hope this is allowed.  I just signed my brother up and he is desperate to find someone to write.  

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Hi, I’m an inmate at a federal prison and only get letters from my grandmother. At my generation that’s ok, but a young person needs hip conversation and encouraging sentiments. I’m not on death row, but when a person is in prison you feel like you are!! I am not allowed to email but you can hit me up old school by writing to me. Corey Kussmaul 14976-480, FCC Beaumont Medium, PO Box 26040, Beaumont, TX  77720. I would really enjoy hearing and re-imagine how things are. Stay true to yourself and stay out of these un-hip places. Patiently waiting to hear from someone, believe me I’m not going anywhere for awhile. Hook me up with some words.. 

Just doing time,

Corey Kussmaul