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Recorded delivery?

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Recorded delivery?

I usually send jpays to my PP in Texas but I am writing him a letter and sending afew pictures. Should I be sending the mail recorded delivery or just standard mail? I am in the UK :) 

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I'd send it just the normal way. Otherwise a C.O has to sign for you mail every time. 

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Thanks @farfromhome i just posted it regular mail today :) 

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How lonv does it take to hear back from your penpal? How do i even know he got my email? Its been 1 week

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Hi Hope, 

The message is sent as an electronic message to WAP, they print it off and send it via snail mail using the name and address you provided when you set up your account with WAP. These letters are sent twice a month, once on the 7th and once on the 23rd of each month. These letters are notorious for being slower than regular mail that you send yourself and now with the Coronavirus pandemic going on, mail is even more unpredictable than ever. You could be waiting two week for a reply, to upwards of three months. Really none of us can tell you how long. Extra patience is needed now, but also patience is a really key virtue for all people who choose to write to prison pen pals. 

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Hey Hope! I send my first letter through WAP and got a reply in 3 weeks. My second one I just send through regular mail and it has been 5 weeks now and still nothing. I hope he even got it haha. So yes patience is key. I'm also from Europe and I read a lot that it can take even longer because of that. Well hopefully we'll get a reply soon!