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Said my email was sent but can’t find it?

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Said my email was sent but can’t find it?

Hello everyone, 

So I wrote an email on this website to an inmate today and I got the usual notification that my email has been forwarded. But when I go to my message folder it's not there. Has anyone had this problem? I don't know what to do now, I mean I don't wanna write the inmate again, in case my email really was sent. 




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Hi there,

The Write A Prisoner “email” service is for intial contact only, and is meant to be a one off to make an introduction to a potential pen pal. The message is sent as an electronic message to WAP, they print it off and send it via snail mail using the name and address you provided when you set up your account with WAP. These letters are sent twice a month, once on the 7th and once on the 23rd of each month. These letters are notorious for being slower than regular mail that you send yourself and now with the Coronavirus pandemic going on, mail is even more unpredictable than ever. You could be waiting one week for a reply, to upwards of three months.

Having said all of that, I wouldn't worry that it's gone, as in not sent. But I haven't used the email on WAP before so I don't know if it's common or not to be able to read your message afterwards. Maybe someone else could tell us if you can read it after it's been sent. Did you want to check something or just have it to remember what you had written? 

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Hey, thanks for the reply. I usually use the WAP email for the initial contact, and after that I wanna send letters. So if you use the email feature on WAP, you can always look at the message basically immediately afterwards. You can view all of your messages on your profile. And I tend to read them again after I've sent them, and that's why I was surprised that it wasn't there. 

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I get what you're asking about, and I don't have an answer for you, unfortunately.  Are the other messages you sent to other inmates there, or not there either now?  You could ask WAP about it, as it is their site that controls that.  I hope it's a temporary glitch.