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Snail mail abroad, safe?

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Not for free. You can use Jmail. They have a service that allows you to use their address. The pp sends his letter to Jmail, they scan it and email it to you. You can email your letter to them and they'll print it and forward it to your pp. But of course, this costs money.

Maybe you should discuss this a bit further with your partner. If they feel not comfortable with your address shared with your pp, then I would respect that. You know, this pp thing is built on a foundation of friendship and trust. The goal is to become friends with your pp and vice versa of course. If your partner thinks of them as people who want to harm others, then this can become a problem if you haven't talked this through and the both of you don't feel comfortable doing it. 

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If you do not wish to use an approved email correspondence program through the prisons, it's best just to send your letters via postal mail. Thank you for writing someone!

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Snail mail abroad, safe?

Hi, I live in the UK and I'm interested in writing to inmates as I think it will be a positive experience.

Do I just write snail mail to their address their profile? Doesn't that mean they have my address too? (Obviously they do I'm order to reply) My partner is concerned this is unsafe (even though I live 3000 miles away and many of these inmates are in it for the long haul.) I don't want to sign up to jpay or other inmate correspondence services because I don't want to pay and I want to joy of hand writing and receiving letters. Is there a secure way to send and receive hand written letters?