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Some questions

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Some questions

Good morning/evening, 

I have some questions about the website:

Is the possibility to send a mail to initiate contact through the website free? 

What the check box "needs mail" mean? And is the data updated? 

When you are at oversea (FR for me) how long does it take you to get your mail ? 

Do you advice me to write only on one side of the paper or both is good ? 

Sorry if you find my questions stupid ^^" It's the first time I am doing something like this and I want to have clear view of all the possibilities before begining . 


Wish you the best, 


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Hi there!

Yes, the first introduction email is free.

The box 'needs mail' means the person has not received any mail through this website. But it's possible people wrote them by postal letter (snail mail) so it doesn't really mean much. It's not very well updated anyway.

Receiving a reply to a first letter can take some time, but once you've established correspondence letters will go faster. Normal turnaround times to France would be somewhere between 14 days and 3 weeks. Sometimes a little more, sometimes less, depending if your pen pal can reply right away.

Writing on both sides of the paper is fine, only one side is also good, whatever you choose. If you like to write a lot, use both sides so you can save on stamps ; )

Your questions are not stupid, don't worry, just ask whatever you want.

Happy writing!