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Why is JPAY so slow?

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Why is JPAY so slow?

Okay, I’m guilty. I came here to make a pen pal or two, just for the heck of it. First pen pal I write and I already find myself constantly checking to see if he has written me back. It seems to be a huge delay in getting &  receiving messages which is frustrating. My email notification are on delay and I get them way after I actually get the messages as well. I didnt plan to be waiting by my phone for replies from someone cause I didn’t plan on meeting such a interested person. Am I the only one? Could this be a IT problem on my side? 

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I have the same problem. My pals facility only passes on messages once a day so due to the time difference, i only get my messages in the morning. I’ve heard of other facilities where there is zero consistency regarding how quick messages are passed on too.

So it’s more to do with the facility than JPay itself.  The only other reason for a delay would be if they’ve said something that’s been caught in the filter, JPay check them before forwarding them on. 

I completely understand your frustration but it’s just part and parcel to writing to inmates. 

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The wait is torturous! Hang in there, it's probably the mail room.

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Ahhhh thank you! Yes seems like it’s not JPAY and it’s the actual facility. Anyone have experience with Washington Correction Center? I only get his messages at midnight every night. But he gets mine all day and we are able to message back and forth a couple times in real time at midnight. (I’m on the east coast) 

So thankful I did this. I’ve met an amazing person. 

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I've been writing a femal prisoner at the Central California Women's Facility for a few month's now through Jpay.  Lately I haven't received any response and I always wonder if she just doesn't want to write anymore.  She tells me that Jpay is just slow there and I believe her, but it has been a couple of weeks.  Is that unusual?


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Cos its crap?

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Nothing wrong with Jpay, I rate it highly over some of the other apps out there.
Since its not Jpay that is primarily the issue but the mail room/facility. I think I have had one email rejected by the mail room. Which is my only bug bare for using this platform that you are not told if a message is not delivered until your penpal let's you know.