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Possible employment possibilities for disabled or seniors

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Possible employment possibilities for disabled or seniors

Hello.  Ive been running a homeless shelter and also we have taken in domestic violence victims.  One of the things I found that seemed to really help some of my clients in a practical way was my many ideas and suggestions and practical knowledge on how to make a little extra money.  Certainly not enough to pay your rent or utilites but enough to be able to enjoy some outings and special foods or art supplies.  The kinds of things that make life worthwhile.  

I have about 10 different little things that someone can do that cost little or nothing to start, like changing batteries in watches or fixing flat screen televisions.  To if you are more active how to set up free tv for people or how to install tankless water heaters.  both of those require some people skills and someone who is pretty fit and able to move around and drive, etc.  

Anyway I am retired living out in the countryj.  I am married to correction officer who became completely disabled from a sky diving accident.  One of the things he often talked about was him having to walk an inmate to the gate who was being released and the poor man was in tears,  he had been incarcerated for 40 years and had no family or anything and had no idea where to go or what to do.  So I am old and fat and tired but I do know how to help you use your resources and skills into making a small bit of some extra cash.

I am basing my ideas on the person who is being released is receiving SS disability or already retired.  I was working with disabled veterans and seniors that were having great trouble during the winter paying the heating bills.  

So if you are interested please write me.  I will be happy to correspond with people my age.  Younger people I just dont get where they are coming from.  I guess cause when I was homeless and doing heavy drugs there were plenty of programs to assist me in getting clean and how to change my life so that I could learn to fit in.  The only way to help young people is to keep voting democrat so that helping people who are down is part of our national dialogue and not just kicking people down as far as they can send them.